Monday, March 25, 2013

PLucky Maiden Spring Junk Fest

We had a GREAT time with Plucky Maiden Junk Fest... 
 There were so many amazing vendors there, and SO talented!!
This bench caught my eye... so cute!
 Thanks to Emily Pinkstaff for the great Vintage rusty springs!
These springs will be great for some of my insulators~!
 Setup is always very time consuming but.. we try to have FUN doing it!! It can be SO exciting...

photo taken by Plucky maidens of Vintage River Ranch blue jar display

Vintage River Ranch art wall :).. photo by Pam, Plucky Maidens

I really, really wanted these boots!

 The show was almost over so we HAD to indulge in some of the Great Sugar cookies from our neighbor
 Sugar Shapes cookies... SO amazing!!... Chocolate and bacon mustaches!!!

Thank you to all our customers and to all the new people we met and made friends with this weekend!  Until the next show! Keep on Junkin'!!


  1. Thank you ladies for choosing to share my headboard bench.I love it too!This was my first show of this a vendor anyway. Met lots of fabulous people and great junk!

  2. Great blog post! We love vintage everything. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for coming by our Party Gram! Come on back next week and also Tuesday stop by our Brag About It - you can link through to any one of your cute posts! Have a fab weekend ~ Sharon and Denise @BeBetsy


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