Friday, June 27, 2014

New show date coming up!

HI All!  I am really excited to share that I am going to be a vendor with Lavender Hill Cottage at Molly Mo's show! August 9th!  Please be sure to come see us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Farm Chicks.... all wrapped up!

This was our second year as a Vendor/curator at this show and so far each year has been absolutely amazing.  It was so busy I am glad I was able to go around the night before the show and snap a few shots of some of the EVER so Creative BOOThs!
 THis years theme was birds.. .and everyone took there own steps to go along with that theme.... it was so great to see all the different ideas!

love the birch tree background in Roost's booth!

OH My those COLORS!!!

Love the old truck... I think a '57?

this tub was made into a cart car... so cool

 Now some shots of our booth!  So love how it turned out this year!  and our Chicken Can Lights were SO Neat!

 My husband and Daughter came up with this design on the bird hosue from a COO Coo Clock!

 I love how each angle and shot of our booth had SOME kind of bird or bird house in it!!! :)
 This is the Photo backdrop that was in the front Lobby as you enter the show!! Birds, birds and lots of Bird houses.

 so LOVE this HOOSIER table!!! WOW!!!

our tin CHICKEN signs were a SURE hit at the show! :)

This is EDNA, our possum belly table... saved from a burn pile and brought back to life... oh the stories she could tell!

 Here are some shots of our booth the day before show... just after we got set up!

and now here are some shots of the booth at the end... JUNK empty!!! lol such a great show.

Special thanks to ALL of our great customers from the show! without you all this would not be POSSIBLE!  and Thank you to the Farm Chick , Serena ... we are so blessed that you let us be a part of it!

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