Sunday, June 23, 2013

VINTAGE... there are so many uses!!

This weekend Carol's oldest son got married and we were able to use our vintage items to help decorate for this event... I am so excited to show you some of our creations and we hope to get lots of feedback of what you think !!
 This was a great idea of Carol's I love how the sleigh holds the gifts while the cute mailbox collects the cards..

 French Door archway ... ooooohh La La!
 galvanized buckets with flowers...

The Flower girls were SO sweet with their boots and baskets!

 We have been talking about a jar light and she PULLED this off... I think Carol's chandelier turned our amazing!! and it looks so sparkly over the wishing well fountain!

 This fountain with the disc blades and the chalk board window sign really LOOKED great!

 The blue jars add a great touch to the daisy's on the stage along with the center piece of our wheel, trunk and that White Pitcher!!

 These simple wine barrels really added the needed color and pop to the stage decor!! Love them! Simple yet so Country elegant.

 Next up on the decor inside for the reception was the Lemonade stand, fresh lemonade and fresh fruit with an antique juicer to flavor your lemonade, it was a BIG hit!

 Have you ever seen a KIDS BUFFET at a wedding?  This was my first and I know first hand that MY KIDS loved it!!! They felt so included and really enjoyed everything on the menu!

 Gazebo with the Cake table ... the lights the banner, the window frame, the jars with the flowers... Love this look!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A thrifting we will go.....junking we will go!

oh my junking.....we have been....:)
 a little thrifting at my favorite shop....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Next SHOW coming up!!

I am Super Excited to announce that we are going to be in another show!  July 26-27th in Battleground...

A Vintage Country Affair @ Randall Woods 

Looking forward to another Summer Show.!  :)  Cannot wait to show you some goodies that we have in the making! So mark your calendars to come see us!

More info to follow!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farm Chicks... the whole experience..

Farm Chicks.. Farm Chicks... Farm Chicks... Cluck cluck...
I cannot put into words how excited Vintage River Ranch was to be in this show! ECSTATIC!!!
 I think we were able to make our mark on it and for sure be in for signing up for the NEXT one... and so ready for a long rest!
 Serena treated the vendors to ice cream, after a long day of setup! SO YUMMY!!!! 
Dirt and Salted Caramel! mmmmmm good!
 The Grain bin... .looking good!!!
 These photos were snapped on Friday before the show started Saturday... so they are still a work in progress! ;) Most of them are our talented neighboring booth vendors... 
the gorgeous booth just across from us
Raw Materials Booth

Leslie's Laughter booth

more of Leslie's

 Love the FAITH sign .................

 Windmills.... who doesn't like those?
 Super cute sign...
LOVE .. LOVE that pot belly table... we have one... need to work on fixing it up!!

I am always SO impressed with the amount of creativity... this is amazing.  All of the shows we do there are so many talented people, but this one THAT much more just due to the volume of vendors!
pink horns!! lol

hmm... I could make that!
I think this is a TIFFANY fan... its my favorite color!

love those locker shelves!
Their name reminds me of back home and the Shopping at the Mall in the Bon Marche!  
the Name is AweSOME!!!

 great display of blue jars!
Rolling Pins...
 I LOVE their sign... STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM!! amazing!!!
white washed nesting boxes... I want!! ;)

cake pan tray...anyone???great for organizing crafts!
crates and crates and more crates.... this was amazing the whole booth was built out of these!

 The colors on these signs ... LOVE them!

this was my FAVORITE sign....

 I absolutely love this display.. the greens in with the white.... stunning!

 The main Hall of the show...still amazing how big it really is!

linens anyone?


 now THAT is a laundry basket!!

Wow this was a great weekend.  Hope to be able to visit and take it all in again!
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