Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vintage River Ranch at The Farm Chicks Show 2013

 Wow!  What an amazing adventure!  Thank you to Serena Thompson for letting us be a part of this Show! we Can proudly say that we are Farm Chicks!!

 The decor this year was absolutely amazing... I am so impressed by the talent of all the people in this show!

Vintage River Ranch was a great success and we really enjoyed all of neighboring vendors and all the great customers that we got to meet!

Meet the girls of Vintage River Ranch..
.{ ( Ann Porteous and Carol Larsen)}

We are finally setup for the first day of the show! Carol is showing her HAPPY face!!

 Here are just a few shots of our booth!  Be sure to check out all the CHICK appearances throughout the booth!

 After the first day of the show we were able to attend a Farm Chick Dinner Soiree!at Casper Fry, I wish were able to get a picture with Serena, but we still had a great time and we were able to meet some more happy customers and also more Vendors!

And Back to our booth.. here are more shots from the second day of the show!

My Dad even came to the show and stayed and visited a while with us in the booth!

Here are some Happy Customers.. the gal in the middle is the proud new owner of our Bed Bench!

 This old Railroad lantern was a big hit the first day of the show!  I have never seen what that size and the globe is purple...(wow it is OLD).

After a great show... we are TIRED... cannot wait to rest for a month! :)  Please join us at our next show A Vintage Country Affair July 26,27 2013!

PS- more posts soon with other Farm Chicks Vendors!!!

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