Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Projects for Farm Chicks!

Sharing some if my projects we are working in for Farm Chicks Show!!

Lots and lots of painting and lots of fun items..
These sample boxes look amazing and this time we hav two.....!!

That is just a small taste of all the fun things to go to the show!! You do not want to miss the fun farm parts that we are working up for the show !!!

Hope you all can come see us!! We will be in the Bay 3 same as last year!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Edna the pot belly farm table

Edna came to us in many pieces almost at the end of her life. But with a few nails and some imagination she is now standing on her own and soon to be a cute table.
here she is getting a much needed bath... LOL
 now it is time for a drawer fitting and to figure out if she will be able to stand on her own legs again...

Took care of the missing drawer.  Looks good. 
It's hard to see but there is about an 1" space between drawer and table top. Luckily we found some more old wood to use to help fill in that space. 
She now has a top and cannot believe how great those spacers look!!! Wow!!
Now the for some good old wax and sanding....

Here is a little peak of what the top looks like... Cannot wait for you to see her at Farm Chicks!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are you ready... For Farm Chicks???

Here is our next show!! We cannot wait!!

Hope all you Junker friends can come too!!! ;0)

PLucky Maidens Junk Fest

Candy anyone?!! Please help yourself..
this is back by popular demand.... everyone missed this at our last show. :)

Just hanging here having fun at the Junk Fest!
I am really in LVOE with our lockers... and is there any scientists out there we have tons of lab inventory... beakers, test tubes and funnels!

 This is my French Linen Dresser... isn't she so pretty....
 Vanilla Bean lip balms... GET yours now!!!

 The Gals of Vintage River Ranch....
 Jars and jars and jars.....
 bottles and bottles and more bottles....
 Boots and Bootcuffs....
 please say HI to the Spencer... our Rooster! :) he loves to visit our shows with us....

and now to share some shots I took around the show...Say HI to Pam with the Plucky Maidens..!!!
 this is a shot from Emily's booth.... LOVE the owl...
 love love the little canitsters!
 Vintage Leather journals... so cute!!!

 mmmmm... love that color on the bird cage!
 I also really like the stand... that would sure be nice in my booth!

 lots and lots of need vintage beads!!!
 birdhouse ideas!!!
 pocket watches anyone?!
 oh....Dragon Flies!.... Gorgeous!

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