Sunday, April 27, 2014

Edna the pot belly farm table

Edna came to us in many pieces almost at the end of her life. But with a few nails and some imagination she is now standing on her own and soon to be a cute table.
here she is getting a much needed bath... LOL
 now it is time for a drawer fitting and to figure out if she will be able to stand on her own legs again...

Took care of the missing drawer.  Looks good. 
It's hard to see but there is about an 1" space between drawer and table top. Luckily we found some more old wood to use to help fill in that space. 
She now has a top and cannot believe how great those spacers look!!! Wow!!
Now the for some good old wax and sanding....

Here is a little peak of what the top looks like... Cannot wait for you to see her at Farm Chicks!!!

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