Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exploring a Plucky Maiden

Hi all
Just for back from a great vintage holiday junk show at the Plucky Maidens junk show in Portland.
Here are some photos of my finds. I am always In awe of how creative and crafty people are with their booths and items.

who does not love the old metal fans? and then to top it off this is a gorgeous baby blue!
French Canisters!?  OH Yes I need that!

 Another artist... painting chickens! wow love it!

who doesn't like the tin? chicken feeder, milk jug, oil can... all creative for the garden etc!

this display using the doors as corners for the booth and to hang items on ... Love and also the tin tree? CUTE:)

                    Lockers!? need I say more..... 

                                     brush xmas tress and flowers from tin cans! oh the creativity here!

um I need this clock! WOW

Apple House Revival has great choice in color in her booth! I love the BLUES...

the rustic table for the holidays.... OH my I LOVE it! 

vintage ornaments in a jar! great idea!

                            Birdfeeders out of dishes... SO cute!

I ABSOLUTELY need to make a wreath like this! it is on an old coat hanger with old map squares!! WOW
love the old vintage cards made into holiday banners... that is right up my alley :)
This will definitely be a show we need to have a booth in.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my fan on your blog! It sold this weekend and I had such a blast being Plucky!

    - Emily
    Vintage Junk and Rusty Love


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