Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Faire

 Welcome to a nice SUNNY weekend Faire at the Mission Mill in Salem... Heritage Faire.....

 Here are some shots of our booth.....
 and my favorite.... BOOT Cuffs!
some modge podge ornaments with vintage music sheets....

And now it is time to share shots from other creative people at the show!! I am always impressed by such CREATIVITY!

 these two MOO's maybe my next pint project... :)

Pink Postcard had some CUTE pillows!!

 great idea to dress up some ordinary lights.... (hmmm might need to try this for an upcoming show)
 some really cute headbands....

 these are the cutest growth charts!!

and last but not least is ROOST REIMAGINED!!! I love their booth at every show and the WINTER theme is amazing!!

Thanks to all for a great holiday show!  :)

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