Sunday, February 2, 2014

Junk Salvation!

This Show was AMAZING!!! This photo by the Funky Junk Sisters says it all...

 another shot by Funky Junk Sisters, set up coming along.. that is our booth with the doors! the signs hung! Yeah
 the rest of these shots are from our booth both days and some of the others I saw around our booth!

Our booth the beginning of 2nd Day!

Carol, I took this for you!  someday your little trailer will be here!! :)

Close up of trunk shelf...

auh... I LOVE LOVE this bag.... Vintage Coach ;0)

 Thank you to all who came and made this show a great success and  to Tracy @ Lavender Hill for sharing a booth with me!
 That's all.......Until the Spring Fest show in April!!!

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