Thursday, July 24, 2014

End of July Updates at Booth

Hi all!
Wow I cannot believe how fast JULY has FLOWN by!!!!  Got some new goodies at the Shop... Red Door Antiques space 46... Here are some shots of our booth!
Be sure to stop by and find some great Vintage FINDS!!!
 A quilt rack and a comforter and we even Added some new suit cases too!!
 those are vintage towel racks on the foot locker!! pretty cool!!!
 For those horse LOVERS.. got a collar and some Harness pieces and some leather leg guards in... (a must see)
 even added a couple new little tables and elevator cups and some children  toys like Tinker toy set....and CHECKERS!!!
Don't forget about the show coming up in a couple weeks!!
Vintage River Ranch is sharing a space with Lavender Hill Cottage! Can't wait to see you all there!!

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